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Issue Monitor
Informa Economics, Inc. the world leader in broad-based domestic and international agricultural and commodity and product market research, analysis, evaluation and consulting has developed a web-based tool that combines our highly valued consulting analysis with our well-respected policy news service...The Informa Economics Issue Monitor.

This innovative new product aggregates the day’s agriculture, energy, trade, and economic news while adding the value of Informa Economics analytical expertise. 

You can get the “news" a lot of places, But, you cannot get the “news and analysis” that Informa Economics believes will help clients make better business decisions anywhere but on this new platform.

The Issue Monitor will cover the core issues that Informa Economics has built its reputation on:
  • Food
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  • Environment
  • Trade
  • Transportation
  • Regulatory Issues
And, we will present that coverage in an easy to use, web-based format so that the client is able to access the information that he wants, when he needs it, and wherever he is.
USDA Radio Newsline: July 25, 2017
White House holds second ag task force meeting | Scattered showers have little impact on Northern Plains drought | Western US wildfire threat | US temperature outlook | Southeast monsoon season | Wx forecast | Farm bill risk management tools, trends | USDA food price forecast Read More --7/25/2017 4:57 PM
Canada Eyes Dispute Settlement in NAFTA Renegotiation
Wants to preserve current mechanism Read More --7/25/2017 4:47 PM
AGgregator: July 25, 2017--7/25/2017 11:12 AM Read More
USDA Trims 2017 Grocery Price Forecast--7/25/2017 2:37 PM Read More
RIN Price Surge Seen Boosting US Gasoline Exports--7/25/2017 10:16 AM Read More
Politics and Elections News Briefs: July 25, 2017--7/25/2017 10:11 AM Read More
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US Pork, Beef Supplies in Freezers Topped Expectations--7/25/2017 9:33 AM Read More
Trade Policy News Briefs: July 25, 2017--7/25/2017 9:16 AM Read More
EU Ponders Retaliation if US Hits Russia With New Sanctions
Russia sanctions could threaten EU economic interests Read More --7/25/2017 4:39 PM
ERS: Northern Plains Spring Wheat Conditions
Conditions near record lows due to drought Read More --7/25/2017 2:48 PM
Farmdoc Daily: Increase in US Calf Crop
Highlights of report released by Farmdoc Daily Read More --7/25/2017 2:33 PM
House Sticks With Minibus Appropriations Package
Odds also shrinking for GOP budget resolution to see floor action this week Read More --7/25/2017 1:07 PM
Commerce Dept. levies new duties on Chinese aluminum - 7/25/2017 3:03 PM
Certain aluminum extrusions from China will be subject to antidumping and countervailing duties under a US Commerce Department final ruling. Commerce found that heat-treated, extruded aluminum products meeting the chemical specifications for 5050-grade aluminum alloy, regardless of producer, exporter or importer, are skirting existing duties on aluminum extrusions from China. The Commerce Department issued antidumping and countervailing duties on Chinese aluminum extrusions in 2011. Chinese producers started using the new 5050 alloy for aluminum extrusions after the US imposed the duties. The decision, which upholds a preliminary ruling, is a victory for domestic producers who alleged that China was gaming the system to avoid the duties. Duties will be collected on the affected imports retroactively from the date of March 21, 2016, trade attorney Robert DeFrancesco III, Wiley Rein LLP told Bloomberg BNA. Duties will vary depending on the exporter, he noted.
Senate votes to begin debate on healthcare reform plan - 7/25/2017 3:02 PM
Vice President Mike Pence broke a 50-50 tie in the Senate on a procedural vote that will allow the chamber to begin debate on healthcare reform. The vote opens up several hours of debate where numerous amendments are expected and a final vote on the package could come yet this week. Pence was forced to cast the tie-breaking vote after Sens. Susan Collins (R-Me.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Ak.) voted against cloture.
House GOP considers omnibus spending bill instead of minibus - 7/25/2017 10:00 AM
House Republicans on Monday night moved ahead with work on a four-bill appropriations package even as they discussed trying to complete a 12-bill omnibus before the August recess. If so, that would likely mean the House would remain in session into their normal summer recess.
FDA notice allows Senate more time on user fee bill - 7/25/2017 9:19 AM
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will delay issuing furlough notices to employees whose salaries depend on congressional action renewing the agency's fee-collection authority, Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced. Gottlieb's announcement effectively gives Congress until Sept. 30 to pass a bill that would provide the agency with about $1.4 billion in annual funding through fiscal 2022 from the prescription drug and medical device industries.
Another warning from Chinese regulators - 7/24/2017 11:06 AM
China's insurance industry is the latest to be warned to improve their situation and also guard against financial risks. The industry needs to "return to core business" and seek to be "shock absorbers and stabilizers" in the economy, said Liang Tao, vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC). A transcript of his speech released by the CICRC also indicated he urged more communist party oversight into the industry. This comes after the Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that Chinese President Xi Jinping signed off on an action to halt new loans to four key Chinese private companies that have been aggressive in acquiring foreign businesses.
UK eyes post-Brexit US trade ties - 7/24/2017 9:06 AM
UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox will hold talks with US counterpart Robert Lighthizer today and with Mexico's Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo later in the week. Fox says a transitional agreement would help UK businesses making investment decisions but that such a deal would need to end before the country's next election in 2022.
USDA daily export sales: Corn to unknown destinations - 7/24/2017 8:17 AM
Private exporters reported to USDA export sales of 135,000 tonnes of US corn to unknown destinations for 2017/18. The sales were reported via USDA's daily export sales reporting system.
Cotton AWP falls back under 65 cents per pound - 7/21/2017 9:27 AM
The Adjusted World Price (AWP) for cotton will be 64.90 cents per pound, effective July 21, USDA announced, down from 65.47 cents per pound the prior week. The AWP now reflects a new Costs-to-Market Adjustment of 14.50 cents per pound that USDA announced July 6 would go into effect. USDA also said that the Quality adjustments for SLM 1-1/16 inch cotton and SLM 1-1/32 inch cotton will be changed in the first release of the 2017 marketing year, with the adjustment for SLM 1-1/16 inch cotton moving from 2.90 cents per pound to 2.55 cents per pound, and the adjustment for SLM 1-1/32 inch cotton moves from 5.55 to 5.40 cents per pound.
New group to push agricultural trade - 7/21/2017 9:10 AM
Former Sens. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) and Max Baucus (D-Mont.) are the honorary co-chairs of a new farm group they created called Farmers for Free Trade, a group seeking to emphasize the importance of trade for agriculture. "Farming is still the backbone of our economy and the shining star of US export growth — we need to keep it healthy and strong," Sara Lilygren, chairwoman of the new group's board of directors, said in a statement. "That's why Farmers for Free Trade wants to ensure agriculture is top of mind as decisions are made respecting our industry's economic, political and business skills."
USDA extends comment period for input on GMO labeling - 7/21/2017 5:35 AM
USDA will gather public comments through August 25 on its series of 30 questions it posted in June which sought feedback on a range of topics relative to GMO labeling called for under the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard. The extension is to "allow more time for stakeholders to provide feedback on the range of topics covered by the 30 questions," USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) said. Link to initial request for public feedback.
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